Compact Portable Washing & Spinning Machine

Compact Portable Washing & Spinning Machine

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You may be wondering how this is in the category as “Must Haves” and considered a game changer to me but here it is.

Going from a home with a washer and dryer to a 30 ft RV with limited space is quite an adjustment. I haven’t had to use a laundromat or friends and families laundry rooms in YEARS. Talk about an adjustment when all of a sudden, now you have to. It’s terrible.

I kept seeing posts about portable washing machines and was very skeptical. After all, it didn’t dry my clothes and seemed like a lot of work. After thinking about it for almost a month I realized, most of my clothes I put on a clothes rack to dry anyways. Why would this be much different?!?!?

The answer is it isn’t. In fact as I am writing this review I am draining a load of laundry and spinning out another one.

Now I will be straight with you, the instructions are close to terrible, however there are people who have told you how to work it so that you can understand it and get your laundry done. The set up isn’t the easiest either. Remember, I live in an RV so everything is a little different. It might not be as difficult if you live in a sticks & bricks (RV lingo for a house with a foundation). It gives you 2 cheap, flimsy hoses for the equipment that just need a little creativity. Here is what I did with mine:

My first couple loads were a little stiff. Today I went and purchased some fabric softener to put in the wash cycle and it really made a difference.

Here is what one of my set ups look like for drying: (I will be adding more tension rods to make this easier.)

compact portable washing

All in all this product is a must if you live in an RV or if you live in a situation where you do not have a washer. Save yourself the stress of going back and forth to the laundromat and just do it!
Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Cycle

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