Iron Rail Tavern

Iron Rail Tavern

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It had been one hell of a day. We had sat on the side of the road for 3 hours waiting for our tow, got towed to an Auto Zone where a “handy” man replaced our belt (which took another 2 hours and 7 belts) and then on our way, just in time to get to our RV Park for the night.

To say we needed a good meal and a nerve calming drink was an understatement, but where to go. Well, after looking at a few reviews and what was still open we decided on Iron Rail Tavern. We were more than pleased with our choice and would have went back again if we had planned to stay in town.

The drinks were great and reasonably priced. The food was fantastic. I personally wasn’t a fan of mine, but I just had some sliders (which, honestly what do you expect out of some hamburger sliders). Jason’s dinner (Southern Fried Chicken) was AMAZING and the appetizer (Pretzel & Cheese) was fantastic.

The staff was super friendly and above the top helpful. Not only was our server, Clare, great at her job but she went out of her way to see if she knew of anyone who could help us with our RV issues.

The restaurant was clean, quiet and the ambiance was nice and relaxing. Just what we needed. Needless to say when we left, we were at peace, our bellies were full and we were ready for bed.

4111 Kipling St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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