Project Description

I just happened to have been lucky to stumble across the 7 Magic Mountains gem while staying in Vegas.  I was laying on the couch one night bored and decided to see what Facebook had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed.  I follow several different groups relating to traveling (much like you I’m sure) and one of them showed a post about what to do in Vegas besides gamble and stay up all night.  I’m not a gambler, I like lights but going on the strip late at night by myself did not seem like something I would consider a good, safe time so this was perfect.

I clicked on the link and there were a few neat things but this stuck out to me as a must see.  These “boulder towers” are in the excess of 25 foot high.  And yes, they really are that brightly colored.  Apparently the project was only supposed to be up for 2 years starting in May of 2016 but it is still there and there is movement for the attraction to stay up for years to come.

Which is lucky for you, because now you don’t have to miss it.  There is even a food truck there sometimes to get a snack and some beverages.  Remember, it’s out in the middle of the desert so wear sunscreen and take water.  It’s definitely a neat thing to see and I would say, if you are in the area, don’t miss it.

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