Bear Country

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Project Description

Now, you may be asking yourself “What is this place?”  This place is an animal lovers dream.  Simply put.  At first we didn’t know what to expect.  Again, we just saw signs and figured it was something we needed to check out.  The line to get in was about a half hour which was encouraging to us because it had to be good if that many people were waiting to get in to it.  Once we got to the station and paid we were instructed that at no point were we allowed to get out of our vehicle, roll down our windows or open our sun roof.  Ok, now I’m curious what we are getting ourselves in to.  When you get in to the area you drive through several areas where you can view live, wild animals grazing, relaxing, playing, etc.  Ok, this is kinda cool but where are the bears?  Don’t worry, you will eventually come to a dead stop.  Make sure you have gas for this trip.  You come up to an area where the bears are roaming freely.  They will play or fight right in front of your vehicle with no regards to you or your time.  You are truly out in their world watching 30ish bears live their lives as if you weren’t even there.  Now the window staying up and not getting out of the vehicle makes sense.


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