Project Description

A delicious bass is the outcome of my first fishing trip in over 6 years.  Yes, I am happy with myself and no, I realize it really isn’t that great of an accomplishment.

After stopping by a local place to get bait for the day and buy my fishing license for Minnesota ($47 later for a year of fishing) we were on our way to Collinwood Lake.  You may notice that I look bundled up and you are correct.  That morning when I woke up I could see my breath and experience my first time turning on the heat in Wanda.  The beginning of August in Northern Minnesota through a 49 degree morning at me.  Coming from Phoenix where it was over 100 when I left this was quite the shock.  I quickly turned on my heat, put on whatever I could find to go outside to my compartments and grab my bag of winter clothes.

Now this may seem silly to many but remember my blood is used to being in 100+ weather at this point.  My grampa definitely laughed at me when he came out to get me for our first fishing trip since being home.  At this point I didn’t care.  I was cold and I wasn’t going to be cold fishing.  I wasn’t.  I was however, the only one who caught a fish that day 😉  Unfortunately, we threw it back because it wasn’t worth it for one fish.  Regardless of the catch, I fully enjoyed the day with my grampa, out in nature and sitting in the serene environment Collinwood Lake had to offer.