Project Description

Craters of the Moon just happened to be on our path to Glacier National Park and I couldn’t have been happier.  I love adventures that send me in to the depths of darkness, tunnels, lava tubes and caves.  This place had everything I could have asked for in a place that has craters right in the name of it.  There were several caves we got to climb in and explore.  A few of those caves a flash light was a necessity.  Without the flashlight we might have been able to get in about 20 feet.  So, naturally, we took our flashlights and went in as far as possible.  The end of the caves are barricaded off for your protection.  The Indian Tunnel was fantastic as well.  Lots of things to see in here and places you can climb around in and come out in different areas.

Before going stop at the visitor center and get your stamp for your “Passport Book” and get the clearance to go in the caves and lava tube.  They will ask you information about where you have gone and what you have done to ensure that it is safe for the bats for you to enter their territory.  For more information about that please visit White-Nose Syndrome and Cave Permitting.

With that being said, have fun, bring a flashlight and explore these amazing caves.  Also, please make sure you dress for it.  The caves can be chilly and if you happen to go here in April be ready for it to be cold and with extreme winds.  At least, that’s how it was for us.  I was freezing, the wind almost blew me over and it was sleeting for much of our explorations.  Needless to say, we thought we were ready, but my poor fingers thought otherwise.