Project Description

It wasn’t until I was driving away that I realized that this place wasn’t called Devil’s Golf Course because it’s hot as hell here, it’s partly because playing golf here would be the devil’s idea of a sick, sadistic joke.

From the car it looks pretty neat but nothing too spectacular.  You definitely need to get out of your car and take a closer look at these perfectly round holes that descend in to the earth.  There are literally thousands of surreal shapes all over this area.  These shapes were formed by the salt being pushed up to earth’s surface from the pressure created by the underground salt and water-bearing gravel crystallizing.  How cool is that?!?!?!  Sounds kind of scientific for me, but when you look at what this terminology actually means it won’t matter what it says, it’s cool.

On a side note, if you even tried to drive a golf ball from the parking area, there is no way you would EVER find it.  Remember, thousands of holes descending in to the earth’s crust.  Good luck with that one!