Project Description

As a full time traveler it seems as though the answer to all cleaning, tank and bug problems is Borax so naturally when I saw the Harmony Borax Works site I felt obligated to go.

This historic site in Death Valley put a lot of things in to perspective when it came to the history and difficulty involved to get borax back in the day.  You get to see mining machinery, historical exhibits and even miner’s bunkhouses at this site.  All through the area are little signs that explain what you are looking at and the history behind it.

One of the things I found fascinating was that this was back in 1883 and miners traveled by mule 165 miles away to Mojave.  That’s quite the distance to travel with this chemical compound on mule as it is, let alone from one of the hottest places in this country.  Wow, those miners must have been in great shape and incredibly dehydrated at all times.