Project Description

Kolob Reservoir sucks you in and doesn’t even give you a kiss once it captures you.  If you are attempting to go here before May you can anticipate mud, slush, mud and oh, more mud.  As I’m attempting to drive left of the road you pull in on I quickly realize that we aren’t getting Wanda in here and we need to turn around.

So, as I’m attempting to turn around, of course I get stuck.  At first I’m thinking, “No problem.  I grew up in Wisconsin.  I’ve gotten stuck plenty of times, and I know what to do so I’ll be good.”  Well, I was as wrong as I have ever been.  I got that poor Jetta so stuck I thought I would never get her back.  However, I was lucky that there were 3 guys wearing waders ready for such an experience.  I open up the door and look at them as they are walking towards me and tell them “It’s OK guys….go ahead and laugh at me.  I would too.”  They slightly giggled but stated they were coming to push me out.  And that is what they did.  Two minutes later I was no longer stuck and I was heading back to tell Jason we needed to turn around.

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