Project Description

Just my luck 🙂  We roll in to Cresent City in the wee hours of the night so exhausted we didn’t even know our names anymore or even care where we were to wake up to pure bliss in the morning.  Ok, so we missed the continental breakfast because we were so exhausted but when we ventured out of the hotel we found out we were right next to Ocean World.  I LOVE stuff like this.  I had the opportunity to pet sharks, see sea lions put on a show and to act like a 5 year old.  I was totally in.  The ridiculously late night drive, hunger and not being able to find a place to stay was all for a reason……..and that reason was to be set up to go to Ocean World in the morning.  If you are ever in Cresent City you have to go here.  It was awesome.  I admit, the aquariums weren’t that great but petting the sharks and the sting rays were awesome.  Oh, and if that wasn’t amazing enough, they end it with a sea lion show.  You can’t even fathom how smart these animals are.  I could literally watch them for hours.  All in all, I’m telling you if you like sea life and you are a kid at heart, DO NOT pass this place up!