Old Angry Turkey

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Project Description

This is truly a very angry turkey.  At first I thought, “Awww, how cute.  There is even a turkey on this farm.”  This guy quickly made me take that thought back.  You won’t believe it, this guy actually chased me around the pig pen and wouldn’t let me get close to the pigs.  I am not even joking.  Now, obviously he couldn’t keep up with me but he seriously had me jogging around this pen trying to get in and away from him.

Like a scared little girl I went up to my grampa and told on him.  Hahahaa.  I wanted to get close to the piggies and this damn thing would not let me.  I even joked and said if he didn’t leave me alone I was going to have him for Thanksgiving.  My grampa quickly corrected me and let me know there is no way I would want to eat this old, tough bastard.  As I have said before, my grampa is my hero and he did not disappoint.  He walked down the hill with me, shoo’d away the turkey and got me in to the piggie pen.

Take that angry turkey!



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