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  • please recycle

    Recycle – YOU Can Help ME Make A Difference

    The fact that we don't recycle is becoming an epidemic to our planet.  Recently I have been seeing a lot of posts and news about what we are doing to our planet and frankly it sickens me.  It’s embarrassing that we could do so [...]

  • cats and books

    Cats, Books, & Coffee?!?! Yes Please

    What would it be like to mix books, cats and coffee?  Ok, so to clarify, those are 3 of my favorite things.  Add wine in the afternoon and I'm set.  Well, Bad Rock Books, did just that....minus the wine. I had a [...]

  • weeping wall

    Zion….Nothing Short of Amazing

    Nothing short of amazing sprinkled with annoying, confusing and somehow ending with pure joy. We wake up late, but hey, we are on our own schedule.  Getting ready, packing, charging everything while the generator is running and of course breakfast. Once [...]

  • tree remnants

    Craters of the Moon – A Strange Landscape

    If you are looking for a strange, but scenic landscape Craters of the Moon National Monument is sure to knock your socks off. I don’t know what it is about this kind of landscape but I will never pass up an opportunity to explore [...]

  • kolob reservoir zion national park

    To Get Stuck In Kolob Reservoir… Or To Not Get Stuck?!?

    Go to Kolob Reservoir they said.  It will be fun they said.  If driving straight up a mountain and almost overheating several times is fun, then OK.  If getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no service is fun, then yes, it is [...]