If you are like me and LOVE bright colors, 7 Magic Mountains better be on your “Must Visit” list.  It just so happened that I was going to be staying in Vegas for 3 weeks in transition to my next destination and I’m not a gambler.  I also didn’t want to go down to the strip at night to see the pretty lights by myself, so it seemed to make my 3 weeks there very limited.

Thank the heavens for Google.  After days of cooking, cleaning and working out, I needed something else to do so I got on to Google and came across this gem.  I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes and thought it was a joke.  First of all, how could I have never even heard of this place before?  Secondly, how come I had never seen anyone in any of my groups post about this magical place?

7 magic mountains nevada
7 magic mountains

Well, with nothing better to do I decided I needed to investigate this place myself.  Boy am I ever glad I did.  This place is truly astounding.  Obviously, my favorite part was all the bright colors but the fact that there were enormous boulders stacked on top of each other for a wide array of bright colors was obviously mind boggling.  How in the world had this place escaped my radar?  There were a lot of people out there and more selfies than I can count.  Obviously, I had to be one of them too.  To be honest, getting a good selfie with these massive boulders is difficult, especially with the fact that there are so many people around trying to capture the exact same thing.  I guess you could say it was selfie heaven mixed with a little hell.

After several attempts I decided to step back and do a little people watching.  A little side note is: I love people watching.  I love sitting back and guessing people’s stories or just making them up for my own entertainment.  Don’t even lie, most of you reading this right now do the same exact thing.

Anyways, you probably want to know a little about this place.  In all there are 7 of these stacked, boulder structures that originally opened up in 2016.  This artwork was actually supposed to be removed at the end of 2018 but due to the overwhelming success ( I can totally see why) the area will remain open until 2021 and with any luck even longer.  If you want to learn more about this place or see for yourself, please visit their website.

nevada attractions
7 magic mountains nevada

Fun Facts:

  • Seven Magic Mountains cost an astounding $3.5 million to make
  • A major sponsor is MGM Grand Resorts
  • There are 33 boulders total
  • The tallest is 35 feet tall
  • It took a total of 5 years to get it put together 7 Magic Mountains