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119 Jerome Ave
Jerome, AZ 86331
Bobby D’s BBQ

Have you ever been to a place that later haunts your dreams?  When I say haunts, I mean it in a good way.  The place was so fantastic all you can do is dream about it and that makes you cry because you long to go back.  This longing makes you hate the fact that you travel because you can’t just jump in the car and drive up the street to it whenever you want.  It is so fantastic that you tell everyone you know about it and tell them they HAVE to go.

Well, that’s how I feel about Bobby D’s.  Yes, I am also telling you that you HAVE to go.  If you are ever anywhere near Jerome, Arizona you must go.  I promise that you will not be disappointed.  I was recently blessed with the opportunity of being close enough that I could visit again.  You have no idea how happy I was to be able to go again and this time I was able to drag Jason along.  At first he was a little reluctant and thought, “There is no way there is a BBQ joint that great.”

Believe it or not, even when we got to Jerome and started exploring he was still a little reluctant to go.  He made the excuse of not really being that hungry and maybe we could just get an app and a drink.  For me, that was a jackpot.  I knew the second he saw the menu there was no way we weren’t going to eat there.  Honestly, I think he knew that to be the case when we walked by it and he could smell the freshly barbecued pig.  Yeah, there is no way you can walk by that aroma and not have your mouth water.

So we get in and this place is just a tiny hole in the wall.  However, you walk in and it’s cozy and everyone is friendly.  I mean everyone, even the people eating there.  It’s a little chilly out but we still opted to sit outside and soak in the beautiful views of the mountains, nature and of course, people watch as they walked the town.

bobby d's barbecue
bobby d's barbecue joint

Just as I anticipated, as soon as he saw the menu, it was going to be time to eat.  We ordered a couple drinks and from there continued to go through the menu trying to narrow it down.  So hard when everything looks and sounds amazing.  We finally narrow it down and decide that we are going to split a sandwich.  I don’t remember what it was called but this sandwich was not only amazing but it had pretty much everything on it.  Plus it came with some of the most amazing fries.  Yes, I know, you can get fries anywhere, but I LOVE fries and these are some of my favorite.

So our meal comes and we are beyond glad that we got it to share.  We are sad that we won’t be trying multiple things, but it becomes obvious as soon as our basket hits the table that this is something we would never have finished on our own and quite possibly will not even with sharing.

The outcome is we almost finished it.  I’m pretty sure we wept a little for the remainder of the meal that laid in the bottom of the basket.  In fact I think the remainder was crying wondering why it was left behind when all its counterparts were gone.  This is one of those days I wish I would have been hangry.  For some reason when I am hangry I can shove enough food in to my belly to probably feed 3 grown men.  Believe me, that’s a pretty big accomplishment at 120 pounds.

bobby d's barbecue joint

So, if you have made it this far in this review I can imagine your mouth is watering and you are about ready to Google it and figure out a new route for your travels to make sure that you get to Jerome.  Trust me, Jerome in itself is a must, but you throw a place like Bobby D’s in to the mix and this needs to be one of your bucket list items.

Enjoy and you are welcome!

PS-a little side humor to the article is that Jerome is known to be haunted.  There is a haunted hotel and many stories about the hauntings of this town.  Maybe another reason why Bobby D’s will haunt your dreams until you return 😉