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An inflatable kayak for the lakes and rivers may seem like a pretty risky adventure, but I am here to tell you it is not.  We love kayaking and have been limited in options for kayaking due to having either a Class A motorhome or a Volkswagon Jetta.  Both of these options make outdoor adventure a little limited due to the size of the vehicles.  We could go ahead and get a rack for the Jetta but I haven’t wanted to go that route.

In a search for an alternative we came across these 2 person inflatable kayaks and thought “There is no way that can be safe.”  “How could it possibly go down the river without popping or flipping or going flat?!?!”  After doing a lot of research and talking to a few people who had them we decided, OK, let’s give it a try.

2 person kayak

We could not have been happier with this purchase.  So much so that we bought an additional one.  Our kayak has been everywhere from the Glacier National Park to the Verde River in Cottonwood, AZ.  It has made it through the tranquil, quite waters of Lake McDonald to the rapids of the Flathead River, the heavy traffic and wakes of Lake Powell to the narrow, low water of the Verde River.  Never have we had one problem or concern.

If it wasn’t for this AMAZING product we would have missed out on so many adventures, or spent a fortune renting kayaks and guides at places around where we wanted to explore.  Believe it or not, this kayak deflates down well enough to fit in the original carrying bag that comes with it.  Yes, it deflates, folds up and goes back in the bag with not only the oars but also our water shoes and life jackets.

inflatable kayak
inflatable kayak

If you are looking for adventure and not having to upgrade your vehicle or spend a fortune, this is your solution.  It is convenient, light weight, safe and highly recommended.

A little tip we learned is do not underinflate the kayak, it creates an unpleasant experience with a lot of rowing and near tipping.  Hahahaaa.  Don’t ask 😉