What would it be like to mix books, cats and coffee?  Ok, so to clarify, those are 3 of my favorite things.  Add wine in the afternoon and I’m set.  Well, Bad Rock Books, did just that….minus the wine.

I had a coworker tell me about this place and I didn’t believe it.  So, naturally I had to go take a look for myself.  Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I entered this store I was greeted by the owner and introduced to the two greeters.  The 2 cats.  Oh my, I was in heaven.  These cats were not only cute, but they were friendly, followed me around the store and demanded my attention.  Now don’t get me wrong, my 2 boys at home are similar, but to be out in public, browsing books and get that kind of feline attention was phenomenal.
Besides the wonderful greeting and greeters this place is full of books.  You name it, you can probably find it there.  My guess is if you can’t find it there the owner would know where to get it or see what she could do to help.  I didn’t speak much with her as I just wanted to look around and pet cats but I did overhear her with customers and on the phone and she seemed very knowledgeable and helpful.
cats, books and coffee
bad rock books
The only real complaint I had about this place is that it wasn’t obvious what the cost of the books were.  There were no signs or price tags anywhere that I could find.  Now, some could say that is a good thing because that forces you to talk to the owner, have actual conversations and possibly be able to barter.  For me, in that moment, it was not ideal for me.  I spent 40 hours a week speaking with people, I just wanted to be antisocial, play with cats and do a little leisure reading.
I give this place 5 stars and admit that if I were to quit this lifestyle, a business that involved books and cats is definitely in my top 5 career moves.  Stay tuned….. 😉