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This was another one of those “mistake” campgrounds that left me wanting more.

I was heading back to my uncle’s house in Dassel, Minnesota when I couldn’t handle the wind any longer. Not only was it blowing me all over the road but it was intense enough to rip the arm of my awning off the side of Wanda (my RV) and smash it up on to my roof. At that point I had had it. I was done.

This campground luckily had some availability. At first I was nervous because I had never had to back Wanda up in to a camping spot and wasn’t sure with my nerves that I was going to be able to, but none the less, I was done driving and this was my option.

When I got to the park it was a little confusing pulling in. It appears as though at the front gate you need to pay $5 to enter the campground. If no one is at the gate house, you do not have to pay that $5 if you are staying there. That is for people who are going there to visit, fish, hike, etc.

chester woods

When I arrived at the main office to check in and get my instructions I was kindly greeted by someone who works there who was also running what appeared to be a camp for kids. OK, this is pretty neat, especially if you have kids.

Once in the office the staff was friendly and efficient. They not only got me checked in but gave me a map of how to get to where I was going, where I could dump, where I could fish, hike, and picnic. On top of that, when I explained I wanted to hike around I was given another map of the whole area and the hikes I could go on and where they lead to.

Coming from Arizona where I loved to hike and be in nature I was immediately sold. That night I did not do anything but have dinner, relax and try to calm my nerves. The campgrounds were quiet, friendly and clean. The facilities were also very clean.

The next morning I spent about 2 hours hiking the trails, sitting on the beach (yes, there is a beach and paddle boarding available) and exploring the area. I don’t know about you but nothing can reset my mood than a little time in nature.

chester woods campground

Upon leaving the campground they have a convenient dumping station, trash receptacles and fresh water.

If you are or want to be one with nature and are anywhere near Rochester, MN, look this place up. Hopefully they will have some availability.

Chester Woods Campground
8378 HWY 14 East
Eyota, MN 55934