Devil’s Garden seems inaccurately named if you ask me.  When I think of the devil I think of fire, a dark, and ugly hell.  A place no one in their right mind wants to visit.  Devil’s Garden is the opposite of that concept.  In fact, it is so far from that concept that there are picnic tables, a pit toilet and smiling people.  Yes, people come here and have picnics and visit here gladly.

This little gem is a bit off the beaten path and that might be what makes it so nice.  It isn’t overly crowded like you get at a loft of the national parks and monuments but you get to be very hands on with this experience.  You can hike around the area, touch the rock formations and even try to climb them.  Yes, you know I tried and yes, I semi succeeded in some of the areas.

devil's garden

To get to this area you will need to travel about 12 miles down the Hole In The Rock road and turn right.  This is an unpaved, kind of rough road so be prepared to travel slower than normal and for 12 miles to seem like an eternity, but trust me, it’s worth it.  When you get in to the parking lot you can’t help but crane your neck out the window looking at the amazing formations before you catch yourself wondering why you are trying to view it through the windshield when you can just get out and explore.

In this small area you will see hoodoos, natural arches and some other sandstone formations.  Every which way you look it’s a little different view.  Good thing it’s a small area or you could easily get lost in these formations.  These neat formations are formed by weathering and erosion and continue to shape through time.  In fact, fun little fact, these sandstone layers were formed during the Jurassic period nearly 166 million years ago.  No, that is not a typo, 166 million years ago.  How neat is that?!?!?

If you want to get away from the crowds at Bryce Canyon and still see some hoodoos and not spend any money, this is your spot.  Yep, also not a typo.  This little area is free to go see as well.  Also, if you aren’t up for going off the beaten path and climbing on and around these formations there is a 1 mile, easily traveled loop trail through the area that you will enjoy.  Either way, this is one of those gems you really shouldn’t miss out on.  Take a book, read while having a little picnic or take the family and explore the area, have a little hike and picnic, absorb the natural beauty and get your hoodoo fix for the day.

devils garden
rock formations

Fun Facts:

  • The formations started 166 to 174 million years ago
  • First national monument assigned to the BLM
  • You can camp here.  You need to get a permit first, but hey, it’s a free permit 😊