A fishing success story normally ends with a big catch….or at least something along those lines.  Well, mine is different.  There isn’t a big fish to talk about; in fact, there isn’t even a fish to talk about.  Actually, not even a bite.  Yeah, that’s right.  Two days of fishing in the East Verde Valley River and I didn’t even get so much as a stinking bite.

fishing success

What I did get was a sense of accomplishment.  I realized that our society has become lazy and disgusting.  Although what I decided to do to set back time was minimal, in the grander scheme of things, it was a start and I intend to keep it going.  I only pray that this post will touch you in the way I hope it will.  After all, if only one of you made a positive step from this, it will still be better than nothing at all.

I am talking about a disgrace to our humanity.  Walking along the banks of these beautiful waters I noticed over and over again the filth that people leave behind.  Not only empty cans and bottles but also bags, plastic rings and fishing line.  Do you have any idea what this does to our wildlife and ecosystem?  If you only took 5 minutes out of your day to research it you would be disgusted and horrified by the way society dumps all over our gorgeous country.

river banks trash

What I did was spent some time on the banks picking up other people’s garbage.  I couldn’t do a lot because all I brought was a grocery bag for my waste, but it was a start.  In addition to that now that I know what all is down there I intend on taking garbage bags down with me later this week.

I may not have caught any fish but what I did catch was a complete disgrace to our society and environment.  That is why I write this to you.  Please, if you see something laying on the ground that doesn’t belong there…..pick it up.  You don’t know who or what you could be saving.  If you are thinking about “dropping” something or throwing something out the window, I beg you to think about this post and your 5 minutes of research.  The repercussion of your actions aren’t just affecting your “convenience” today but generations to come.  Not just humans but life as we know it.  Is your “immediate convenience” really worth the long term causes of your actions?

fishing success

Maybe that’s a hard pill to swallow at this point but I imagine that you have family and friends.  Maybe your bottle isn’t affecting you or your friends right now, but imagine your unborn kids, your unborn nieces and nephews, or your best friend’s kid on the way.  You are polluting their future and setting them up for an environment of failure.  Is your “immediate convenience” really worth all that?!?!?!