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Losee Canyon was a blessing in disguise.  After a failed, near disaster experience with Kolob Reservoir we were exhausted and frazzled.  We had never been to this boondocking spot and frankly we were pretty nervous we were going to run in to another issue and end up not having a spot to park for the night.

This time we happened to be in luck.  Right as we are getting in to Panguitch we notice a little rest area.  We weren’t going to make the same mistake twice so we pulled over, took the Jetta off of Parton, left Wanda and started towards Losee Canyon.  When we found the turn off we were instantly at ease.  There was a spot right in front that we could park in if we didn’t want to take a risk and go any further.  However, that really isn’t our style so we continued down the road to see what else there was to offer.

A little further down the road we found a large spot that looked like it could be a spot but we weren’t quite sure so we kept going.  There were several little spots to pull over and it seemed like this area might be a little hidden treasure (or we were before the busy season and got lucky).  We went off road on the left a little bit and went past several possible spots and a couple people already set up.  Finally we started to get in to territory we weren’t sure the Jetta was going to get out of and not sure about taking Wanda down there.  We met a gentleman that was heading out and he had a large “cul de sac” kind of location and said he would only be about another half hour before he left.  Perfect.  This spot looked great.  So, we took off to go back and get Wanda so we could finally settle in for the night.

On the way back to Wanda we couldn’t really decide which spot we wanted to take.  There were pros and cons to each spot so we decided we would figure it out when we got there (we didn’t want to get our hearts set on a spot and it be gone by the time we got back).  So we get back to Wanda and Jason takes off in the Jetta to go get us a spot, which leaves it his responsibility to pick the perfect site and I would meet him there with Wanda.

Boy did he pick the perfect spot.  Well, except it was near impossible to level up Wanda but that’s a minor detail.  The perfect spot in our opinion is past the first spot on the right and up about 3/4 of a mile.  It will be on the right hand side and if you turn your rig around just right you get to see the most beautiful sunset.

forest losee canyon area campground

We enjoyed 3 days in this spot.  The first day we left Wanda we were a little nervous.  We had never left the rig alone in such a remote location for so long.  We were gone most of the day and when we got back, guess what?!?!  Wanda was still there, untouched.  In my opinion, that’s a plus when it comes to any boondocking location.

This location was close to both Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, so location wise, it’s a great spot.  We saw several deer around our spot so as far as wildlife goes, it was pretty spot on too.  Basically, what I am telling you is this is a great location for boondocking if you want to be anywhere near Bryce Canyon or Zion, or if you are just passing through the area.  I would highly recommend it and will definitely seek it out again.