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To be honest, when I started planning to go traveling full time I didn’t really think about the patio area.  It was whatever to me.  Seems silly because you think about camping and you think about being outside, sitting around a fire or soaking up the sun and nature.  I guess I just figured I would use our lawn chairs that fold up and get stuffed in a bag until the next time you use them.

After being in a few RV Resorts I realized that people take their outdoors seriously.  Outside most people’s RV’s they have set up a “patio” area.  Nice rugs, great chairs, tables, plants, etc.  OK, I’ll admit.  I felt like an outcast.  So, I did what any first timer, outcast does.  I went on to Amazon and started looking for what everyone else had.

gravity chairs

That’s right, I was trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  Before you judge, buy the chairs.  I saw these “gravity chairs”.  I didn’t know what they were called at first but it seemed like there were lots of people who had them so they must be great.  So, I find them on Amazon and pick out a set that comes with a little table that has drink holders in it.  Perfect!  Then naturally there is a spot of what other people had purchased with their chairs and it’s an outdoor rug.  OK, well that makes sense, so “Add to cart” was obviously the next step.

Let me tell you, when these things finally arrived (it was only like 2 days but I couldn’t wait) I was so excited to feel like a real traveler.  I ripped open the boxes, set everything up, grabbed a beverage and my laptop and sat down to soak in the life.  WOW!  It was very obvious right away why all these travelers had these chairs.  Talk about comfort.  They are literally the most comfortable outdoor chair I have ever sat on.  You can sit upright, recline back a little or all the way and kick your feet up and just relax.  You can even lock the chair in the position you are in so it doesn’t move around on you.

So, my professional opinion (hahaha, a little humor there) is that these chairs are a must.  It’s not just if you are traveling.  If you have a place that you call home, you NEED to have these chairs.  I’ll be honest, when I was living in the sticks and bricks (house) I had a swing that I refused to part with.  It was my favorite, most comfortable thing on my patio.  It was a little worn out and discolored from the sun, but I couldn’t part with it.  Now, having had these chairs, I would have thrown it out without even thinking twice to make room for these chairs.  So, what are you waiting for????  Get these babies in your possession and relax!