You can’t help but to fall in love with Havasupai.  You see all the pictures of the crystal clear, turquoise waters and drift off in to la la land wishing you were there.  You see beautiful women standing under the water falls and people in the water with a look on their faces of pure enjoyment.  This place has obviously replaced something on your top 10 bucket list.

What you don’t know about this magical place is that it is easier to win the lottery, no, not that kind of lottery, than it is to be able to actually visit this place, so please, keep the pictures on your desktop, in your memory bank or posted on your wall, because most likely, that’s as close as you are going to get.

Let me set the scene and then I will explain.  It’s February 1st and the tickets are going to go on sale at 8am MST.  Jason and I are logged in to the site 30 minutes early to assure we are ready to jump in and get our tickets.  We are aware that getting tickets is difficult, which is why we are trying to tag team.  He’s at work and I’m at home.  8am strikes and you wouldn’t believe what happened.  We got in right away.  No, I’m just kidding.  No one got in right away.  That’s right.  No one.

This system of theirs was set up so poorly that hundreds of people were all trying to get in at once and their server crashed.  We sat there for hours pushing the button and nothing happened.  Nothing.  I got in to the Havasupai Falls Facebook page to see if this was happening to anyone else and I kid you not, there were over 600 people in this thread freaking out because they couldn’t get in, and if they did, it would just spin and kick them out.  I continued to go back and forth between the website and Facebook to see if anyone had gotten tickets.


An hour and a half later, seriously, not even exaggerating, I saw the first person who got tickets.  At least she was pretty sure she did since she got to the payment page and hit submit.  However, the page kept spinning, so she wasn’t exactly sure.  That’s right, 1.5 hours later someone was finally able to possibly get through.  For the next 2.5 hours people kept hitting the button, giving up, crying quietly in to their hands and possibly getting through.  We were not one of those people.

As full-time travelers who love sharing our experiences with the world, this was a top destination this summer for us to share.  So much so that I purchased the book they recommended and signed up for a Havasupai Falls 101 course through REI.  Yes, I was that ready to be able to learn all about it to share with you, however, nope, not this year.

The fact of the matter is that we would have had better luck winning the lottery.  With a system like that and the demand for the destination so high, it was an idiotic move to open it up on a poorly hosted website for the public to get in at a specific time.  They should have done a lottery.  Everyone who wanted to go gets to put their name in the lottery and if they get picked for a weekend, that’s that.  The system is set up to be able to transfer tickets, so if that weekend didn’t work for you, switch with other people.  They could have had the lottery be something to the effect of putting your name in to the weekends you wanted, and you could only win once, and that’s what you got.  Either way, winning the lottery would have been easier than this system.  The next day they did make a post saying how sorry they were for the issues that were experienced and tried to blame it on bots, when we all know the fact of the matter is that hundreds, maybe thousands of people all tried to access a button at the same time, essentially leading to the server crashing.

With all that negativity, I do want to inform you something that I recently came across.  I knew the site allowed for transfers and I had put in several groups that I would be up for any transfer.  With no avail, I went to the website and logged in, just to check.  To my surprise, there were several transfers available.  Most however, were in February, and as you can see, this post was written in March.  I saw a couple for the end of March that I would be interested in, however, every date I go to purchase says that it is currently being purchased by someone else or not available.  So far, there isn’t anything past March available, if you can even consider these ones in March claiming they are available, available.


So, until next year, or maybe not even then, this is the best of Havasupai you are going to get out of me.  And, with that being said, if you have tickets that you want to give up for the greater good, aka, Wanna Wander being able to share with the world of want to be travelers or have any insight I would greatly appreciate it.  But for now, please share your experiences and pictures so I can vicariously live through you and just know, that I am jealous.

havasu falls

Fun Facts:

  • Havasu Falls is located within the Grand Canyon
  • ‘Havasupai’ means people of the blue-green water
  • The stunning color of the water is a result of dissolved calcium carbonate and magnesium
  • Havasu Falls was originally called Bridal Veil Falls before a flash flood changed the appearance of the area all together.