• Cleanliness
  • Friendliness
  • Environment
  • Amenities
  • Location

This was an unplanned visit. We had had enough of the wind blowing us all over the road and decided that we were not going to make it to our destination of Dassel, Minnesota.

I found this resort by using my Good Sam app and gave them a call. My first impression was “Yes”. The person who answered the phone was very friendly, answered all of my questions and made me feel welcome.

Once we pulled up to this resort we were immediately impressed. The facilities looked fun, clean and welcoming. Upon arrival to the front desk I received the same kind of courtesy and care I had on the phone. They even escorted us to our campsite to show us where to go.

There was a snack bar, fun activities, a nice pool and hot tub, clean bathrooms, and plenty to look from and choose from in their convenience store.

We were sold. We would definitely stop by this place again in the future. It’s too bad we had an agenda or we would have stayed for milk and cookies with Yogi the Bear the following day.

PS-The cats were not amused. However, this was their first time being outside on this trip.

26014 478th
Brandon, SD 57005