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Kanab RV Corral felt like a godsend by the time we had arrived.  Not only was this our first long haul with Wanda (more than a 30 minute drive) but we were exhausted and elated to not be driving any longer.  This is when we realized we really had no idea what we had gotten ourselves in to.  Did you know that you can not go even 50mph up a mountain with an older Class A rig with a tow?  Yeah, neither did we.  Oh, also, did you know in Phoenix you are likely to have to slow down or pull over or use your heat in order to not overheat?  Yeah, neither did we.

So, our trip to Kanab definitely took longer than we had anticipated and we were beyond excited to finally pull in to this park.  We pulled in, parked, took off our seatbelts and stood.  WOW, did that feel good.  Now, it was time to check in and get settled in.  Our first place away from home.  Like I said, elated.

We walk in to the office and were immediately greeted by a lady with a huge smile on her face and incredibly welcoming.  Instantly, we felt at home and glad we were there for more than the obvious reasons.  We told her about our trip and how this was our first time, we all had a chuckle and then her husband came out.  They were the owners.  They spent about 15-20 minutes with us laughing, sharing stories and telling us what we needed to know about the town and where to go to get what we needed.

cat life

Unreal, 20 minutes in this place and we had made friends and knew all we needed to about this town and park.  They even gave us some treats for the boys (Koy & Amos).  How sweet of them.  So, we leave the office and get in to our spot (knowing we were first timers they put us in a super easy spot to just pull in and out of in the morning.  This was a dream considering we had yet to back up the rig.  Yes, I realize that was stupid too, but we were in hopes that we would continue to just get pull throughs and never have to worry about it.  LOL.  That’s a whole different story for a different time.

Anyways, the park was great.  It was clean, quiet, centrally located, accommodating and understanding.  Now, you are probably wondering why I’m putting in understanding because that’s not usually a verb used in a review of an RV place, but once you do this for a while, you realize it actually is.  The next morning when we are getting ready to leave and disconnecting, we realize that our black tank is indeed full, contrary to the gauges in the rig, and needs to be dumped before we take off.  Ha, well, that wasn’t going to happen.  It was indeed broken.  If you haven’t read that story yet, click here: What the Crap?!?!.  Well, we were definitely not able to get on the road before check out time and the owners were accommodating and understanding.  They even suggested a couple places to call that might be able to help us out.

rv poop life

That was a huge help.  Had I mentioned this was our first time and we really had no idea what to do or where to call?  Well, hours later, we were on the road again, tank still full but without having to pay for another day and despite feeling defeated by the crapper, we were feeling blessed by the owners and our first experience being a positive one.  I highly recommend this place and if we are ever in the area again, that will be our first, second and third choice, and if those choices don’t work, we might change our plans to a time when we can go there.  Seriously, that’s how happy I am with this place.  A huge shout out to them and thank you!

Kanab RV Corral
483 S 100 E
Kanab, UT 84741