Some of you may know this but I am a Realtor.  Some of you may be wondering what that has to do with anything at this point.  Well, let me tell you.  As a Realtor I always, I mean always, tell new homeowners or renters that they should replace the toilet seat when they buy or rent their new home.  Now whether they listen or not, that is up to them.  Here is why:  It’s NASTY!  Someone else’s butt was there.  Who knows how long it has been there?  Who knows how often they cleaned it?  Is the wondering worth $20 in your pocket?  The answer is NO.

Ok, so here’s the point.  The same thing should be true for RV’s. Now, in most cases this is not possible.  The toilet seat in the RV isn’t as simple as a toilet in a home.  So now you are asking “What do I do?”  “I would have to replace the whole toilet?”  “That seems expensive doesn’t it?”

Don’t get me wrong, it is not as easy as a b&s toilet (for those of you reading this who do not know what b&s means: bricks and sticks) but I still think it is important.  I also didn’t have a problem with the couple that sold my RV to me.  They seemed clean and were lovely but the same holds true, I don’t want my bottom, or face (you never know) being anywhere near someone else’s behind.

With that being said, I decided I would take on the task of replacing the poop stealing stool.  I watched a couple YouTube videos and thought, it can’t be that bad.  So, I went on Amazon, searched for some toilets that fit what I intended to do with the remodel, seemed like they would work based on my current toilet and read reviews, lots and lots of reviews.

So the day comes that my toilet arrives.  I am ecstatic.  I have changed a residential toilet before and that was fairly easy.  This should be really easy.  I turn off the water and start to tear apart the bathroom.  First I have to tear off all the old, gross carpet.  No problem.  Then I have to figure out how to disconnect the toilet.  Big Problem!

replacing rv toilet
rv toilet replacement

As you can see in the pictures, the plumbing is tucked away in this little “box” like area.  So, I get out the hammer and start tearing that apart.  Great.  That was a start.  Now the next issue, I can’t find the bolts holding the toilet in to the floor.  I return to YouTube and am unsuccessful with finding my current toilet and where these little buggers are.  So, I put my hand in the mysterious box and start feeling around for bolts to try to guestimate where the dang thing is fastened in.  Finally, I am able to find the areas that the bolts are located and I get the toilet loose.

You would think that the easy part would be done now.  HAA!!!  Now that I have the toilet off I see that the current bolts do not match up where the bolts for the new toilet go.  In a panic I return to YouTube.  No luck, it seems like I’m the only one out there with this crazy old toilet with the weird holes that don’t match anything.  Oh, and to top that off, the plumbing won’t match up either.

Now, if you have read any of my other blogs you will remember that I spent a lot of time at Menard’s and was used to multiple trips in a day.  This time was no different.  What I decided to do was get longer bolts than what were holding the plumbing in to the floor and use them to go up through the toilet.  With any luck this “should” hold the toilet.  I also was familiar with what kind of plumbing connectors I needed because I had a similar issue under my sink with my water filter.  So, I take off to Menards.

I get “everything” I need and get back to Wanda (my RV’s name) and get back to work.  The good news is that I have been through this process several times (ie-going back and forth to Menards) so I thought I was smart by getting a couple different size options of the bolts.  The second set worked.  Nailed it.  At this point I feel like I am dominating the world.  So, now I go to put the new hose on the back of the toilet and connect.  Fail.  I was wrong, it didn’t work and I didn’t have a way to make it work.  So, I unhooked the toilet and did what any reasonable person would do.  I took the toilet with me to Menards.  Yes, I looked a little crazy walking in to Menards with my toilet but I wasn’t making this mistake again.  I would not travel back to Menards for a third time.  So, as I’m getting strange looks for having a toilet in my arms I go back to the plumbing area and get everything I need, check out and head back to Wanda.

rv toilet replacement
replacing rv toilet
rv toilet plumbing

Ok, this time it’s going to work.  And it did……until it didn’t.  So, after I got everything hooked up and running I decided to test it.  Yes, it worked just fine.  So, now it’s time to tuck the plumbing in the small hole….or is it?  So, as I’m tucking the hose down in to the hole the adapter snaps.  Yep, you guessed it, water EVERYWHERE, and another trip to Menards.  Oh, you better believe I am spewing out cuss words and fed up at this point.  This time I grab 3 of the damn connectors just in case.


Back at Wanda, I get it all hooked up, AGAIN. Test it out, AGAIN.  This time we have lift off.  The toilet is secure, the water is going in to the toilet and down in to the black tank.  Now it’s time to take it all apart again so I can lay the carpet down.  Yes, it seems like the process never ends, but I assure you, it eventually does.

As you can tell by this process that there are a lot of parts that YouTube doesn’t necessarily tell you.  The videos are usually of you having all of the parts, the pieces have already been taken apart and seem super easy to do.  I am here to tell you, things aren’t always as they appear.  However, with every little issue I had along the way I became better and better at predicting possible issues, buying everything I could have possibly thought of needing from Menards, and getting a big “Refund” when my remodel was complete.  Ok, it wasn’t really a refund because I bought more than I needed and took back what I didn’t but it was still nice to see the money back in my account.

Cheers to your remodel, and yes, all the pain was worth having the new, no butts other than my own toilet installed!

carpet pattern for rv toilet
new rv toilet