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After driving past this place several times it was time for a visit. I was certainly not disappointed. This place left you wanting more and your sensors on overload. (All in a good way).

When you first pull in you are greeted and asked if you have ever been there before. Upon letting them know you haven’t they are incredibly helpful, give you a map and tell you where you should start and the best things to do.

The parking lot is easy to access and the walk to the main building (Oswald Visitor Center) is beautiful. Within the center you find a neat gift shop that has a lot of products and items that are from the locals and plenty to look at. There is also artwork all over the walls from local artists and an interactive model of the park to figure out which route you want to take.

We chose to do the 3 mile drive. This basically took you through the whole park and had random places you could pull over and explore a little further. When I return I will do the 3 mile drive again, only this time I would walk it.

minnesota landscape arboretum
minnesota landscape arboretum

We were greeted with beautiful gardens of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs. There was also a wide variety of wildlife throughout the park. We saw large koi fish, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, ducks, geese and turkey. I love nature so I was beyond excited about this place and all it had to offer.

There was one spot that we were not able to explore like we would have liked because it started downpouring but it is a MUST and when I go back I will make up for missing it. There is a sculpture garden with large, beautiful, architectural pieces throughout a large piece of land. Viewing them through the rain we were in awe so if the weather was nice, you could only imagine.

On top of all of this they had several events and learning opportunities to visit as well. This is an excellent place to go to just explore on your own, with a loved one, with a friend or with your family. It works for all age groups and is definitely recommended.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
3675 Arboretum Dr
Chaska, MN 55318

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