Death Valley-Badwater Basin

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Death Valley is arguably the hottest point in the US with being the second largest National Park after one in Alaska.  Here in the Badwater basin you will be 282 feet below sea level.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Below Sea Level!  That alone makes you understand why this place is so incredibly hot.

Badwater Basin has an interesting story as to how it’s name was acquired.  A surveyor was out mapping the area and couldn’t get his mule to drink the water.  Little did he know it was way too salty.  He then called it bad water and the name stuck.

Along the boardwalk (the area you can walk out in to the basin on) you will see numerous salt honeycombs.  It is very important that this natural habitat is not ruined so staying on the boardwalk is a must.  It is said that the honeycombs are produced by the thin salt crust being gradually pushed up from the repeated cycles of freeze, thaw and evaporation.

Yes, it is hot here.  The best times to visit are late fall in to early spring when it is less unbearable.  Regardless of the heat, it is definitely one of those places that you visit and it doesn’t seem to matter that it’s hotter than Hell (lack of a better description) you can’t help but visit and see as much as you can.  This place takes your breath away, and not because of the heat.  The sheer beauty alone is worth the sweat.  Don’t forget to stay covered and use sunscreen.

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