Project Description

Once you get to the base of the flat iron this is where most people stop and decide that hiking straight up is too much of a risk.  A lot of people will be sitting in this area, catching a breath and trying to decide whether or not to continue.  I will tell you from experience don’t stop here, just keep going.  If you stop here you will see people fall up and down the mountain trying to conquer the iron.  You will hear falling rocks and you will hear gasps from spectators who have just made up their mind that they are not making that trip.  We did not attempt the hike straight up.  We were one of those that chickened out and figured we had already conquered a pretty decent hike already.  Oh, and to be honest, neither one of us had insurance at that point and decided a broken bone would hurt our bank accounts pretty badly, that and the flight out of there to go to the hospital.  So, if you have insurance, get to the base of the flat iron and do not stop, just keep going or you will be the majority of the people who sit there, look at it and then turn around and descend down the mountain.