Hoover Dam – Nevada

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With almost a million visitors a year it’s no wonder the Hoover Dam was packed and traffic seemed to be at a standstill.  It really never seems to fail that we will visit a tourist attraction that is beyond packed when I have to use the restroom.  I feel like this is something that almost always happens to me.

We thought we left early enough that we would beat the crowds, plus it was in the middle of the week so it shouldn’t have been too busy….right?!?!  Well, wrong.  We were told that it is always busy and there really isn’t a “great” time to come, that is unless you want to come in the dead of summer when it’s too hot to breathe.

To be perfectly honest I was more taken aback by the bridge above the dam than I was the dam, but don’t get me wrong, it was very impressive.  It’s definitely one of those things you should see in real life….Once!

For more information on the visit please check out the blog post: http://wannawander.com/hoover-dam/

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