Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

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Project Description

I spent almost 1.5 months in Dassel, Minnesota and had driven past this place at least 7 times and still had not stopped.  I love nature and I love stuff like that, so what was holding me back?  My only excuse was that I continually felt like I had a place to be or go.  I know, that seems strange when I’m out traveling to feel so bound to circumstances but I was.

So, I did what a responsible person would do.  I stopped!  I was definitely not disappointed.  This place is beautiful!  The people were friendly and there were so many neat things in the gift shop.  I believe everything in the gift shop was from local artists too, so I was sold!  I bought an incredibly overpriced candle that smelt AMAZING and also found a little passport book for all of my smushed pennies.  Yes, I am that girl that has to have $0.51 every attraction I go to because I need to be able to deface the penny with a memory of where I am…..and now I have a place to put all those neat pennies.

Anyways, this wasn’t the best part of the place.  There is a 3 mile walk or drive that is a must.  Next time I will do it as a walk so I can see more but don’t get me wrong, they have random places to pull over and take in the views, walk the gardens and smell the beauty.  There are gardens upon gardens of neat flora to look at and admire.  There is also a sculpture garden that looked awesome.  Unfortunately, by the time we had reached this portion of the drive it was pouring down rain.  I know, story of my life.  Every place I go seems to have this issue.


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