Peter’s On Lake Ripley

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Project Description

Peter’s on Lake Ripley was an accident find.  We were driving to Litchfield to go bowling and soon realized that the bowling alley didn’t open up until 4pm.  It was 12:30.  Well, that naturally means to me that it’s time for lunch.  Believe it or not there really aren’t a lot of places to choose from in the small town of Litchfield unless you want bar food.  So, this place seemed like our only option.  When pulling up we thought “Holy cow, this food must be awesome.”  The parking lot was clear full; but we soon learned that there was a golfing tournament going on.  See, this place is also a golf course.  I immediately felt bad for all the people involved.  As you can see I am wearing a sweater.  It was cold and wet and there was no way you would get me out there.  This is where I learned that people in Minnesota put carrots in their beer cheese soup.  YUCK!  I hate carrots and this completely ruined it all for me.  The food was still pretty good, but between you and me, my ribs are better 😉

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