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Lake Powell Campground in Page, AZ is certainly comfortable with the fact that tourists will use them regardless of how they treat their customers or upkeep their park.  See, Page, AZ has become somewhat of a tourist destination with so many touristy spots around.  You have Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Lone Rock, Powell Dam and a lot of other little places around.  And, with that being said, unfortunately, this RV park has made it obvious they like to take advantage of that fact.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like to talk negatively about anyone or any place, and you can see that from the majority of my reviews, however, I feel that people need to know about this place.  When we first arrived at the park it was unclear where exactly we were supposed to go or where the office was.  It seemed as though we just had to keep pulling forward and then walk back to the park office.  Honestly, I am still not sure.  When checking in, the person in the office was bland, for lack of a better word.  There was no real expression, no welcome, nothing but a map and showing us how to get to it, which would have been near impossible to maneuver.  We chose a different route so we didn’t take out a propane tank.  This person had clearly not paid attention to what we were driving or ever driven anything larger than a small truck or SUV.

lake powell campground

Now, if you are looking for a nice place to stay, this is not your area.  This is basically a parking lot with some trees.  The sites are not level either so make sure you bring your leveling blocks.  There may have been some spots that were level, but the 2, yes 2 we were in were not.  Well, we got set up regardless, and took off to go exploring.  After all, that’s what we were there for, not to sit in or around Wanda and chill.

Upon returning from lunch and visiting the area we decided it was time to shower and relax before the early morning plans and take off.  We thought the bathrooms would be better than the sites because you had to have a code to access them, however, we were wrong.  The women’s restroom was not clean, looked pretty run down and the showers had barely any pressure.  It looked like the shower heads hadn’t been cleaned in who knows how long.  Now, I recognize that Arizona has some of the hardest water of any state, but everyone in Arizona does or should realize that and clean their shower heads.  Especially a place that is supposed to cater to the public.

The next day we decide we needed another day to explore and relax instead of rushing the experience.  I head to the office to see if we can stay another night, half already knowing the answer because there were like 5 taken spots other than the half of the park that appeared to live there full time.  (That’s another part, this place had 50 monthly sites in which it looked like most of these people hadn’t moved in years.)  When I walked in to the office there was an attendant there looking at his phone.  I waited patiently, maybe he was reading an important work email or something.  He finally asked what he could do for me and I asked to stay another day.  He said it was fine but I would have to move.  I asked why since the park was empty and he said it was because they had someone else coming in tomorrow for that spot.  When I suggested he move that person to another open site he said he couldn’t, because then he would have to move another person to another spot.  When you make your reservations, you do not know what spot you are in.  You simply request sewer or no sewer.  Besides the fact that they weren’t coming in until the following day and we would be gone before check-in even started for that day, he didn’t seem to care.  He said, your other option is you leave.  And here is where the negative review comes in.  This guy was more in to looking at his phone than doing his job.  Reluctantly, I reserved another day (see, they know they can get away with it because Page is becoming a huge tourist attraction area) and we moved to the other unlevel site, right in front of the first one.  However, you couldn’t just drive forward because of the way the sites were “leveled”.  I think it’s probably fair to mention we were there on a Tuesday and Wednesday, so not even a busy weekend.  Anyways, we go on to explore another day, still irritated with the park but tried to shake it off.

After exploring all day, we come home and decide to shower off the Arizona desert and relax so we can take off early in the morning.  Well, this time we aren’t even able to get in to the dirty restrooms.  We opted for non-sewer sites since we were only going to be there for a day or two and the place had showers.  So, we had to go back to the office, which luckily they were still open, and get the new code.  Now, you are probably saying to yourself “Wouldn’t the attendant who gave you another day give you the new code?”  The answer should be yes, but it wasn’t.  So, we showered and went to bed so we could get out of this place early.

The next morning, we wrap up, pull out, dump and leave.  On our way out, we notice the spot we were in still does not have anyone in it.  No surprise there but again, we fell in to the tourist trap and settled with a place that could care less about the customer and only the money.  For a non-sewer site you are looking at $36/day.  This is one of the more expensive places I have stayed, but again, we didn’t know any better.

So, all in all, do not go here if you don’t have to.  The people are rude and unhelpful or accommodating.  The place is a run-down parking lot with a lot of permanent people who do not take care of their space.  The prices aren’t terrible, but they certainly aren’t great for what you get.  The facilities are not something you would want to use if you didn’t have to.  A little piece of advice, if you can boondock, go out to Lone Rock.  The place is beautiful and you can set up right on the beach with excellent views and lots of other people doing the same thing as you; exploring and enjoying nature.

Page-Lake Powell Campground
849 South Coppermine Rd
Page, AZ 86040