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Have you ever seen a Facebook destination and think “I really wish I could go there.”?  OK, maybe Facebook isn’t your thing, maybe Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, commercials, it doesn’t really matter what your vice is, I’m sure you have all had this experience, at least once.

Well, I am here to tell you this lifestyle accommodates this “wishful” thinking.  Take for instance a couple weeks ago we were on Facebook, totally quality time (you know we all do it), and a post came up that showed this pizza that was bigger than my head.  Not just bigger than my head, it was probably bigger than almost 3 of my heads.  Yeah, that definitely peaked our interest.

Normally I would save it and forget about it.  Wishful thinking that eventually I would get to that place or somehow be passing through at some time.  Well this place happened to be in Vegas.  It just so happens we are going to Vegas in 2 weeks.  Saved!  Yes, I realize that situation doesn’t always happen.  It might be in Montana, or Utah, or Minnesota, who knows.  But the great thing about this lifestyle, is if you are truly traveling, you will be going there at some point.  Bookmark it.  Start a spreadsheet of all the places you want to visit per state and start checking them off.  In fact, that’s a great idea.  Now I am going to make a real list instead of the one I keep in my head, which often fails me.  Hey, there are a lot of things that float around in there…..especially the week before travel day.  You have no idea how fast your brain will go the week before travel.

pinup pizzaOK, now that I got completely off topic let me tell you about this pizza.  So, we get to Vegas, we do a lot of the things we wanted to including a couple things that we found along the way.  Again, perks of this lifestyle.  Now, it’s Jason’s last day in Vegas and we still have not been to this pizza place so it is a must and we are on a mission to get on the strip and find this infamously large pizza.

First, don’t drive down there.  Take an Uber.  If you have any sort of road rage, stay away!  Plus, finding parking is nearly impossible and you will have to pay for it and walk at least half a mile to get to your destination.  Uber will drop you off right at the place and will cost you the same as the parking garages or valet.

So, if you are reading this consider yourself lucky.  I am going to reveal EXACTLY where this place is so you don’t have to walk around for 30 minutes getting hangry, looking for it and getting no real direction from anyone you ask.  The place is called Pin-Up Pizza.  No, there aren’t cute pin-up girls that serve you your pizza.  It’s more like a wait in line for 20 minutes, order your pizza, get it and stand there eating it on the patio or maybe the tiny area inside of it if you get lucky.  Honestly, that’s part of the fun of it.  It’s just this tiny little joint that has enormous pizza.

pin-up pizza

Well, we didn’t take the traditional route for this pizza.  We finally found the place, are hangry, in a time crunch and refuse to miss out since we are there.  We get in line and prepare to wait.  There is this guy standing behind a rope that asks us if we plan to eat here and just want pizza.  We let him know yes and that we are in a hurry.  He opens the magical rope to “Ringers” and says to sit up top and a server will help us and we can order the pizza.  The pizza gods are looking out for us.  Not only do we get our destination pizza but we also get to order from the bar, sit in the AC and relax.  This did not prove to be our typical experience but none the less, we achieved what we were trying to.  Normally we would sit there for hours, having drinks, watching the games, maybe making some bets and then be hungry and order again, but like I said, we were in a hurry.

So, the magical pizza arrives and it is large.  So large on a normal day I would look at it and think, nope, I’m not finishing that, but like I said, at this point I was hangry.  I was going to annihilate that pizza.  I did.  And to be honest, I still could have had a couple of those garlic knots the reviews were talking about.  PS-you can’t get the garlic knots if you are inside of Ringers.  Just the pizza.  Now you are wondering if I would go back for pizza and try those knots and that’s a great question.

Before I answer this, let me first tell you where this place is.  It is right on the strip.  Yep, right there.  On the map and everything you see on the site makes it look like it is directly in Planet Hollywood.  Those are LIES.  It is not in Planet Hollywood.  In order to access Pin-Up you will need to be outside of Planet Hollywood on the strip side and look to your right.  There is a tiny little patio on the right and tucked into the front of the building is the infamous Pin-Up Pizza.  From what we witnessed, this place is always busy.  If you want the experience, go in the front, wait in line and get your pizza (try the garlic knots, all the reviews say they are great).  If you are like us, you like to relax, have a drink and take your time.  Go in to Planet Hollywood, go right to access Ringers, sit up by the bar and you will be able to order off their full menu as well as order pizza from Pin-Up.  Have some cocktails, relax and enjoy some betting.

So, back to the question of whether I would go back and get those knots.  The answer is dependent on circumstances.  Am I already down there having fun, drinking and gambling?  The answer is definitely.  Would I make the trip down there (with or without Uber) to try the knots and have the large pizza?  The answer is no.  Not a chance.  Honestly, the pizza is good, but the attraction isn’t the taste, it’s the size.  So if you are a tourist junky like me, go for it, eat a piece of pizza bigger than your head and live to tell about it.  If you really could care less, stay home, pop in a Digiorno (that’s my favorite frozen pizza), snuggle up with your loved one, watch a movie and you won’t be missing out.

Pin-Up Pizza
3667 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109