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This was a case of trying to find an RV park last minute and running out of options that seemed affordable. After arriving at the location we would have been happier paying twice the price to stay at another RV park. This was our first experience at an RV park that was far from ideal.

The upside of this park is that the park staff were incredibly sweet and understanding. We unfortunately broke down and had been waiting for our tow truck for over 3 hours and were unsure if we were going to make it to the park before they closed. When I called and explained the situation to the staff they were very understanding and let me know what to do if we were able to make it and wished us luck. Also, upon departure they were very friendly and took an interest in the result of our breakdown.

On the downside, the RV’s are all on top of each other and you you can tell that there are several people that live there full time. There is nothing wrong with that lifestyle but when you can see people’s “junk” everywhere it doesn’t give you a warm feeling about the place.

In addition to the cleanliness of the place the people staying there were not friendly. We actually had someone scream at us for driving out of the park, while it was still light out for going 2 mph. I’m not sure how you can go much slower than that but that is what the “resident” expected.

This place had the strangest bathroom situation that left me not wanting to stay hydrated because it was terrible trying to go to the bathroom. You are assigned a bathroom. There are 65 sites and all 65 sites are assigned 1 of 5 bathrooms. In that bathroom you will also find your shower. This is not ideal when you have to go and you have another person in front of you who has already been waiting for 10 minutes.

It advertises that there is internet, however we were unable to get connected to it. Maybe you had to be closer to the office in order to connect.

The Prospect RV Park
11600 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033