As a full-time traveler you will quickly realize that a purge ever so often is much needed. After about 6 months of this lifestyle it is safe to say you have an idea of what you need and what you don’t. At least some sort of an idea depending on the time you start. I was fortunate to start at a time that allowed me to experience winter.

I will say that was one of my hardest pieces of downsizing. I grew up in Wisconsin where winters are brutal and knew that I did not want anything to do with that, but I also knew that I get cold really easily and I was going to experience some cold days and nights.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not even come close to experiencing those Wisconsin winter temps, but I did experience some freezing. In fact, rookie mistake, I didn’t leave my water dripping at night and woke up to my hose being frozen and having to use my freshwater instead of city water. Don’t worry, all things you will read about or learn as you go.

rv life

So, I realized I use winter clothes more than I use most other clothes. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are my thing. I love the comfort and warmth. However, I realized I didn’t need nearly as much as I brought with me. So, here is where the purge started.

I’m getting ready for a trip to another state and a big trip in a couple months and there is no use in carrying extra, unneeded weight. You will find the lighter everything is the easier it is to travel and the less it hurts your bottom line (aka-miles per gallon). So, I started with clothes. I took another bag of clothes to Goodwill. Yep, a whole bag. I guess you could say that my downsizing wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be. On top of that I started going through everything, even my undercarriage compartments.

A little hint, if you are planning to do this, make sure you have a whole day. There will be a lot to go through. You may find yourself sitting there, looking at something you want to keep and contemplating getting rid of it because you know you don’t need it, you forgot you even brought it but for some really odd reason, you just “have” to have it. A little help, you probably don’t need it and it may be someone else’s new treasure.


If you remember from the post “Full-time Travel Transition” I kept a lot of Christmas stuff. Truth be told, I did decorate for Christmas. My rig was quaint and beautiful. Meaning, I decorated my dash with my Christmas Village and put up my tree. Yep, that’s it. I surprised myself since my home was always really decked out. But what I realized was it just wasn’t the same for me. Maybe if I had a family and stayed in one spot for a long time it would make more sense but it was a lot of work and just made me happy at night when I turned on the lights. Also, when I took everything down Wanda looked HUGE! You think your house looks big when you take down your holiday decorations, imagine when it’s a 200 sq ft home.   So, long story short, I got rid of the huge tree and all but about 12 houses for my Christmas village. That was 2 large boxes and half a large tote. I now have a small fiber optic tree that will take up a little spot and I will probably incorporate it in to my Christmas village.

That was the biggest part of my purge. Getting rid of all that Christmas stuff. It was also probably the hardest and easiest at the same time. I know that may not make a lot of sense but think about it this way. I loved the stuff, but it was just stuff. I wouldn’t see any of it until December and I would only use ¼ of all of it. What was the point?

In addition to that I got rid of about 20 books (yep, hadn’t picked any of them up or sold any of them in 6 months, I probably wasn’t going to in the next 6 months either), purses (believe it or not, you won’t really use purses anymore. More like bags and backpacks), a few dishes, a couple blankets, baskets, clothes and some other miscellaneous stuff.

I can honestly say that I got rid of so much stuff that I was able to store away my golf clubs and my washer without it having to be out in the open. Oh, and I also have room to spare. If that doesn’t tell you a lot about this type of living and what you need to downsize to when you sell your home to take off on the open road I don’t know what will except experience.