Cathedral rock is undoubtedly a gorgeous hike that is highly trafficked.  As I was waiting to climb up the rocky area that is a one way I found myself wondering “Don’t these people have jobs?”.  Not everyone can be like me, just traveling the country and having the luxury to go try a new trail on a Thursday morning, right?  I still do not know the answer to that question, but, regardless, this trail was busy and I can see why.

sedona hiking
arizona hiking

Parking here is not ideal.  Make sure you park in a designated area and that you have your pass.  If you don’t have a pass you are in luck, you can purchase one at the trail head.  It’s just $5.  Also, there is a spot where you will need to climb up a crevasse in the mountain so make sure you have your hiking shoes on.

Starting at this trail head you immediately take in breathtaking views, but rest assured, what you think are breathtaking here are nothing compared to what you are about to see.  This 1.2-mile hike is considered difficult, and with good reason.  For the most part the trail is pretty well laid out, but you will see people who are veering off, not sure where to go, and yet, we all end up in the same place.  The top!  You might see people who seem to be wandering around, not exactly sure where they are going…don’t follow them, follow the structures showing you the way.

rock climbing

At one point in the trail you may be at a standstill.  This is a good place to catch your breath, take in the views and look at people’s butts.  No seriously.  There is only one way up and down and this hiking trail turns into more of a rock-climbing extravaganza at a point.  When it is the up side time, you will be climbing the rocks behind someone, staring right up at their butt unless you are in the lead, and then you better hope your butt looks good and you don’t have butt sweat 😊.  A little tip for coming down is to use your arms.  It’s a great full body workout this way and you will get down a lot easier and faster.

This trail took me less than an hour, but I have a problem.  When I start a difficult hike I tend to get tunnel vision and just push right through.  I made it up to the top in 30 minutes (with stopping several times to get selfies and take in the landscape) and only 20 minutes coming down.  If you have some extra time, bring a book or a sandwich and sit at the top, enjoy the views and relax.  There is plenty of places to sit and reflect on life at the top and you sure can’t beat the scenery.  There are always people at the top more than willing to take your picture too.  With a backdrop like this, you can’t resist getting your picture taken.

sedona, az
cathedral rock

Fun Facts:

  • Cathedral Rock was called “Court House Rock”
  • Believed to contain feminine or magnetic energy (relaxation)
  • Locals consider this a Vortex area