The fact that we don’t recycle is becoming an epidemic to our planet.  Recently I have been seeing a lot of posts and news about what we are doing to our planet and frankly it sickens me.  It’s embarrassing that we could do so much harm to something so beautiful.  With being a full-time traveler, you really get to see the true beauty this country has to offer, and unfortunately, you get to see what we do to it also.  If I can convince just one person to do a little better, I consider that a success.  If I can convince a few people to do a little better, well, we are on track to make a difference.  You may have read in one of my other posts that there is going to be big changes and something new that Wanna Wander is going to venture in and here is another teaser for you. 😉

I will personally tell you of all the places we have been, there are countless places that we could easily take out bags and bags of garbage, and some places we do.  It’s heartbreaking the disrespect we have for our planet and the future generations that will have to be here.  In Cottonwood, AZ I took out 1 bag on one trip almost heavier than I could get back up the hill.  I only took one because that just happened to be the only bag I had in my pack.  I went back down several other times and it seemed like I never made a dent.  To read about that please click here.

river banks trash
horseshoe bend

Now, this one may surprise you.  Horseshoe bend was heavily littered.  It was insane to see all the trash going down in to the canyon.  All the careless people thinking it was ok to just throw their stuff away instead of taking their things out.  This place has a magnitude of beauty that is indescribable, and yet, humans can not respect it or the planet enough to clean up after themselves.  Had we thought we were going to see so much litter here, we would have brought our things to carry some trash out.  Usually we are always carrying grabbers, bags and gloves in the car.  Now we are always carrying them for instances like this.  I beg you to take a stance, get these things and carry them with you.  Even if you only do it occasionally, it does make a difference.

Another thing we decided to do was to get the stainless steal straws.  Yes, I LOVE sea turtles and the posts and news feeds I have seen about turtles having our straws lodged in to their noses is heart wrenching and I personally will not be responsible for it.  We have these straws in our home as well as in the car for those occasional Starbucks and fast food runs.  And yes, people look at us funny when we say we don’t want a straw.  This is a difficult habit to get in to.  Trust me, there have been many times we have driven off and I have said “Son of A….” and have put the straw in the glove box.  I probably have about 15 straws in the glove box over the last year I have decided not to use straws.  Get these straws, help me save a sea turtle, a fish, the planet, whichever you prefer.

We also decided we were done using paper products like plates, cups, and utensils.  I know a lot of travelers rely on these things as it is easier.  It is also way easier to use paper products when you are boondocking as water and your tanks filling up are a concern.  However, it can be done.  I have managed to do it and many other travelers have as well.  We don’t even have them in our home.  We have really loved our melamine dinnerware and glasses.  They are light weight, easy to clean, attractive and near impossible to break.  Oh, and did I mention, you don’t have to litter the planet with them after you are done eating or drinking?  Remember, every little bit counts and helps.

Lastly, another thing we have done is to eliminate plastic bottles.  We use reusable bottles and water filters.  The fact that we drink so much water and discard so many bottles that it can easily go around our planet more than once is disgusting.  I just read another article yesterday about two whales found dead and their stomachs full of our litter.  We did this, we are responsible.  Let’s put an end to that.  It is sad and personally I do not want to be held responsible for it anymore.  I know you all have a heart too and feel the same way, so please, I beg of you to try and make some adjustments to your life, to make sure that future generations have clean water, air and sustainable living.