Should I invest in an RV Surge Protector could easily be considered a stupid question. Before you get all up in arms about that, hear me out. Yes, I know your parents always told you there is no such thing as a stupid question, but the fact is, there are stupid questions and that would be one of them.

When you are living in or traveling around in an RV, trailer, toy hauler, 5th wheel, you name it, you are going to want to make sure you are protecting yourself, your family and your investment. No questions asked there. You have insurance on it, but will that really save your life? The answer is no. You might get some money to get a new one, but you will not get back your things, mementos, pets, or possibly your life. Plus, you still have to pay out your deductible.

The fact of the matter is you don’t know what can happen at the various RV parks you stay at or places you plug your home in to for power. Things can happen and a surge protector is going to help to ensure that you aren’t affected by it. Yes, a good one is pretty expensive, but it’s cheaper than your deductible. It’s another thing like insurance in the fact that it’s one thing you buy that you hope you never have to use.

Let me paint this picture for you. The first time my surge protector saved my life I was completely baffled by what was happening. I was inside my rig, watching some tv and relaxing. All of a sudden everything shut off. My breakers hadn’t tripped, I wasn’t running too much power and I was really at a loss for words as to what was going on. After all, this had never happened before and unfortunately in this lifestyle, there are usually all types of variables to look out for. Upon going out to the post I realized that my surge protector had shut down my unit. The shared post was malfunctioning and I think the rig next to me was pulling too much. Truth is they should have been in a 50 amp but they went and plugged in to a 30 amp and were running all sorts of things. At least that’s what I have gathered by the fact that the post breakers tripped and their cable was fried. I won’t name the park and I won’t say that it was their fault, but what I will tell you is I didn’t have any issues. My electrical was not affected. My deductible was not needed and I didn’t risk losing anything.

So that was the first time my surge protector saved me $1000 deductible, my things and gave me a piece of mind. That $300 protector saved me $700 and it’s hard to say what else.   I will let you know that as far as I know, it has also shut down my system 3 other times. Three other times that I know of it has saved my lifestyle and possibly my life. I have been traveling full time almost 2 years now and have been saved by this amazing product at least 4 times. If that doesn’t say something about the importance of a RV Surge Protector, I don’t know what to tell you. So, as I stated earlier, stupid question. Yes, you need one. There is no question about it. If you don’t you are not only risking your life but potentially other peoples as well as their possessions too. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that when a RV, trailer, 5th wheel, etc starts on fire, it’s pretty much gone in a matter of minutes and could easily catch the homes around you on fire. Do you really want to be responsible for that over $300? I didn’t think so.