san diego botanic garden

This Botanic Garden isn’t just filled with color it also strives to be as “Green” as possible.  To be honest, I went because I was in the area and I’m semi-obsessed with colors and flora.  However, when I got there and was informed all the garden was doing to be green, I was beyond impressed.  Believe it or not, once I got on the road, I realized how disgusting people are and how we are destroying our planet.  I have since started doing things to make the planet a cleaner place and hope to start a movement or join one that advocates on the importance of cleaning up our planet.  Anyways, that’s a different conversation, website and social media account coming soon.  Teaser alert 😉.

You may be wondering how they are practicing “Green” methods.  Well, a few of the ways are demonstrating low water plants and gardens, low water sprinklers, using recycled water, composting trimmings, dead leaves and branches to use as mulch, green roofs and of course, solar energy.  It’s actually pretty neat to walk through this garden and see all the ways they are implementing a “green” park and environment.

botanic garden
botanic garden

Now, on to the reason I went.  Color, flora, color, sculptures, and more color.  Wow, to be honest, this is one of the most beautiful and well laid out gardens I have been to.  It is truly beautiful and immaculate.  The layout of this garden was well thought out and labeled.  There are lots of trails all over going to many different exhibits and smaller gardens.  They even have it laid out down to what you could find in New Zealand, Central America, Bamboo, succulents, etc.  I think you get the point.  Basically, you can look at the map that’s provided and decide what it is you want to see, but if you are like me, you want to see everything.  I personally start out right and work my way around.  It seemed to be a pretty common path as well.

As I sit here writing this, I want to share with you my favorite areas, but I am stumped.  Honestly, each little area has its own something that leaves you happy you visited that area.  I guess if I had to narrow it down to a few I would say the Bamboo Garden (leaves you in a hard to explain Zenlike mood), Native Plants & People (cool sculptures and plants), Succulent Display Garden (great sculptures), and the Tropical Rain Forest (I’ve always liked that kind of landscape).

In this garden they also have a children’s area so they can learn about the plants and how to help save our planet, shops, refreshments, museum and library, and picnic areas.  If you plan accordingly, you could easily spend a few hours here.  I know I did.  Time just got away from me, not only because I took a million pictures, but somehow it seems as though time doesn’t exist in this wonderland.  So, take a trip here, leave your watch at home and get lost in the majestic beauty this place has to offer.