So, it’s been a long day of exploring and we are heading to the gas station to get some ice and some mixers.  Obviously after a long day of exploring you need to sit down with your beverage of choice, reminisce and unwind.  On the way to the gas station there are a lot of billboards and I am off in a daze.  Then, all of a sudden, one of them catches my eye.  There’s a bright, colorful billboard talking about SeaQuest.  I don’t know what it is yet, I don’t know how much it is, but I am IN!

I don’t know what people did before cell phones.  I mean seriously.  I see this billboard, pick up my phone and start researching it.  It looks AMAZING.  Little insight on me…..I LOVE stuff like this.  Nature, wildlife, colors, petting stingrays and sharks.  Yep, I’m definitely in.  So, I’m doing all the research while Jason is in the gas station getting the necessities for the evening.

The second he gets in the car he can tell I’m ecstatic about something and he knows he’s being drug in.  I start rambling off all the stuff that I saw on the website about this place and that I get to feed and pet stingrays.  At this point, he knows we are doing it and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it so he graciously says “That sounds like fun.  Let’s do it tomorrow.”  My thoughts exactly!

So, it’s tomorrow and I am elated with excitement.  I can barely contain myself.  The place doesn’t open until 11am and I’m finding little things to keep me busy around Wanda so I don’t go insane waiting for the time to pass.  And, finally, it’s time to go.

Outside was not as expected.  It’s in what you might consider a shopping plaza.  You go in through a hallway that is attached to a Goodwill and some other place that has rock climbing, dinosaurs and other things for kids to do (truth be told, I might be going there before I leave Vegas).  We walk in to the entrance and I am all smiles and bright eyed.  The entrance is also the end.  So it is filled with souvenirs and other fun sea stuff.

seaquest las vegas

We get to the desk to get our wrist bands (ps-buy online, you will save $2/person) and there is the option to buy tokens to feed the animals and $15 later I have a hand full of tokens.  It’s finally time.  We walk in and there are all sorts of tanks filled with fish and lots of people.  Most times being around a lot of people or having to wait around to see what I want bothers me, but I don’t think anything could have bothered me in this instance.

I use my first token to feed the giant koi.  Definitely a disappointment.  Not a single one ate any of the fish pellets.  I go ahead and chalk it up to they are full because that’s the first place you can feed the fish so they have already had their fill.  Next, I get to touch crabs and lobster.  Yeah, I know you think that’s lame but I like it.  I’m a sucker for that stuff.  Maybe I should have been a marine biologist.  Is it too late to get started?  LOL.

We come across a tank that instantly makes me sad and mad all at the same time.  Sitting here writing this it brings it back to me as well.  I’m honestly torn as to whether I still like these places or want to retaliate against them at this point.  There is a tank with an eel in it.  This eel is massive.  He looks so sad, or dead, I couldn’t really tell.  He wouldn’t move.  He couldn’t move.  This eel can grow up to 8 feet in length and he was probably already 5-6 and this tank was maybe 4 feet long.  This poor thing.  My heart is breaking because this is our amusement, my amusement and this poor, defenseless thing is just there without a choice and miserable.  Of course this is my interpretation but I don’t know how you could look at him and not feel the same thing.

Well, Jason sees my mood start to decline and suggests we move on.  Good call.  We start to go down another hallway and there are jellyfish that appear to be happy, bouncing around and glowing.  Yes, bright colors and I’m already starting to feel a little better.  To top that off, you go around the next bend and this is where all the stingrays and sharks are.  YES!!!  It’s feeding and petting time.  Yes, I know you are thinking I’m a hypocrite right now because of everything I said about the eel, and I slightly agree, however, they were already there, I’d already paid for the tickets and feeding tokens, so I was going to enjoy something that gives me a lot of giddy happiness.  Well, this is where I spent the rest of my tokens.  We fed the stingrays and sharks 5 times.  Yeah, we fed them, went and looked at everything else and came back to feed them again.  I even developed a favorite.  Honestly, I think I was his favorite too.  He smiled at me, stayed to be pet, told his friends and stayed until we walked away.  I know, I had the food, of course he stayed, but I really think we had something.  I think he was telling me to take him home and he would be my forever pet.  LOL.

stingray petting
sea lion fish

The place has all sorts of things to look at and do.  There are lots of fish obviously, but there is also a place to go in to and play with birds, pet them, let them perch on you and if you are lucky, you could even get pooped on by them.  Seriously, that is a disclosure on their website.  They have an area where you can pet a Capybara and her babies.  This thing was ugly and cute, all at the same time.  I didn’t have it in me to pet them because they just seemed so sad and it brought me back to the eel.

There are a lot of things to see in this facility besides sea life.  There were reptiles, turtles, birds, scorpion, snakes, ducks and of course the capybaras.  There are also lots of activities for kids or kids at heart, like me.  They have a little outdoor play area, an area where you can watch a video and bounce in a bouncy house-ish type thing, a place where you can color, go in to a hurricane simulator, a photo booth, and of course, my favorite, the penny crusher.  In case you haven’t read previous posts I have a mild obsession with those machines in tourist attractions that cost 50 cents to imprint a design in to a crushed penny.  So, yep, I got one of those to go in my collection too.  So, now that I had gotten what I had come for, bright colors, sea life, petting the stingrays, sharks and starfish, fun memories and of course, my penny, it was time for our next adventure.