• the wave

    Ouch – Where Have You Been? The Ugly Truth

    Ouch was all I could say and what I seem to be saying often.  That’s what happens when you are injured right?  Especially when you are someone like me and the injury is your knee.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m [...]

  • Angel's Landing pano

    Angel’s Landing – Unequivocally Angelic

    Angel’s Landing is just that.  The beauty of this summit is so angelic it is actually fit for an Angel to land.  The hike is beyond rewarding and the views are endless.  The name actually came from some people passing through who commented “Only [...]

  • escalante

    Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

    Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument is truly a hidden gem that isn’t really hidden at all. In fact, this entire area takes up a whopping 1,003,863 acres. Before Trump reduced it in late 2017 the national monument encompassed 1,880,461 acres. This entire area [...]

  • homesickness

    Homesickness is Real – Not Rainbows and Butterflies

    Homesickness is something that is never talked about in this lifestyle and I find it saddening. No one takes the time to tell you the negatives you may experience or go through. No one wants to portray that part of this lifestyle. All you [...]

  • devil's garden

    Devil’s Garden – The Devil Would Be So Lucky

    Devil’s Garden seems inaccurately named if you ask me.  When I think of the devil I think of fire, a dark, and ugly hell.  A place no one in their right mind wants to visit.  Devil’s Garden is the opposite of that concept.  In [...]

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