• escalante

    Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

    Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument is truly a hidden gem that isn’t really hidden at all. In fact, this entire area takes up a whopping 1,003,863 acres. Before Trump reduced it in late 2017 the national monument encompassed 1,880,461 acres. This entire area [...]

  • trail head

    Lower Calf Creek Falls – Truly Magical

    Lower Calf Creek Falls is nothing short of magical. Imagine yourself driving through a national monument over 1 million acres large and seeing nothing but rolling slick rock as far as the eye can see and noticing down at the bottom of the canyon a [...]

  • weeping wall

    Zion….Nothing Short of Amazing

    Nothing short of amazing sprinkled with annoying, confusing and somehow ending with pure joy. We wake up late, but hey, we are on our own schedule.  Getting ready, packing, charging everything while the generator is running and of course breakfast. Once [...]

  • bryce canyon national park

    A Mossy Cave and a Waterfall? Yes Please

    When a short hike like Mossy Cave is suggested to you by a ranger that has hiked all over our country, you don’t think twice, you just go.  Even when you are as tired as we were, you just go.  We spent about 5 [...]

  • bryce selfie

    Bryce Canyon…HooDoo…You Do….Or, You Must

    Like nothing you have ever seen before, Bryce Canyon will leave you in awe while your jaw involuntarily just drops without notice.  The colors and structures (which we later learned are called HooDoo's, pronounced "WhooooDooooo" in a spooky, ghostlike voice) are breathtaking.  It is [...]

  • bryce canyon restaurant

    Bryce Canyon Pines

    Bryce Canyon Pines is one of those restaurants that if you aren't paying attention you might miss it and you would without a doubt be sorry you did.  Trust me, this isn't one you want to miss. On the way to Bryce Canyon National [...]

  • forest Losee Canyon

    Forest Losee Canyon Area Campground

    Losee Canyon was a blessing in disguise.  After a failed, near disaster experience with Kolob Reservoir we were exhausted and frazzled.  We had never been to this boondocking spot and frankly we were pretty nervous we were going to run in to another issue [...]

  • kolob reservoir zion national park

    To Get Stuck In Kolob Reservoir… Or To Not Get Stuck?!?

    Go to Kolob Reservoir they said.  It will be fun they said.  If driving straight up a mountain and almost overheating several times is fun, then OK.  If getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no service is fun, then yes, it is [...]

  • wanna wander goes to ACT campground

    ACT Campground

    If you are planning to go to Arches National Park, Monument Valley or plan on being anywhere in this area ACT Campground is a must stay at! There is not one bad thing I could think of to say regarding this campground. It is [...]

  • rv poop life

    What the CRAP?!?!?!

    So this is the kind of story you have all been waiting for and can't wait to read.  Enjoy our misery and disgust. So while camped in Phoenix the toilet was only used a few times and it was just number 1.  I went [...]


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