“What is that?  Oh, it’s just an ant.  I suppose I am camping, that will happen.”  Those are my thoughts as I wake up one October morning.  I carry on with my normal morning routine.  I rub my eyes, get comfy, grab my phone, check my notifications and then Facebook until I realize that my day is getting away from me, I have to pee or I’m hungry.  This particular morning I needed to use the bathroom.

Reluctantly, I crawl out of bed and go to the restroom.  While in there I notice a couple more ants.  What the???  So, I do what you would have done.  I squash them and go on with my morning.  Not thinking much about it but secretly noticing every single little black spot and checking to see if it is an ant.

Now, the strange thing was I started seeing them in my shower.  My shower surround is white so it’s pretty easy to see them.  I find this pretty strange.  Are they coming up through the pipes?  Is that even possible?  At this point I feel like I am seeing them everywhere.  Maybe it’s because I’m paranoid or maybe it’s because I am.

Well, I take to Google and start searching home remedies to get rid of ants.  The closest town was about 30 minutes out and I just didn’t feel like making the trip.  Some natural remedies included things like lemon peels, lemon juice, sugar and water mixture, and a baking soda and water mixture.  So, naturally I try them all and try to go on with my day.

terro ant killer

It’s approaching afternoon at this point and I keep seeing ants.  I actually see what I would consider a whole army of them in my medicine cabinet.  Here is where I start to FREAK out.  I start having crazy visions in my head of them swarming the entire rig, me and everything in it.  I go outside and start looking around the rig.  Up the tires, up the levelers, anywhere that could be leading to the rig that the ants could be crawling up.  It doesn’t appear that there are ants anywhere outside of the rig.  Makes sense to me because they are ALL in my rig.  Yes, that’s an exaggeration but it’s what is going on in my head.  I then proceed to the top of the rig with my broom.  I’m going to make sure there isn’t anything going on up there that I don’t know about.  Not much up there to report other than a bunch of acorns scattered all over the place.  The squirrels have been wreaking havoc in the trees that shade Wanda the last few days getting ready for the brutal winters in Southern California.  I sweep everything off and head back inside to see if any of my concoctions have been a success.  Negative.

world of ants

At this point I am ready to go in to town to get ant traps but instead I take a trip up to the convenience store at the RV Resort I am staying at.  I am in luck.  They have ant traps.  They are $3 apiece.  Total rip off if you ask me but I’m desperate.  I purchase six of them and head back to Wanda to show these damn ants who is boss and that I mean business this time.  I read the directions and set them up in all the spots I have seen them as well as the suggested spots on the packaging.

Hallelujah, it seems as though they aren’t all over the place anymore.  Slowly it seems like they are disappearing.  Now I have let my guard down a little and go about my normal daily business.  The day comes and goes and it’s approaching night time and I still haven’t really seen any issues so I’m comfortable with the fact that I have resolved the issue and I can sleep.

Of course I had dreams of ants taking over my rig.  Of course I woke up several times throughout the night and turned on the lights to make sure they weren’t everywhere.  They weren’t and I went back to sleep.

The next morning I went about my business as usual until I opened up the medicine cabinet.  If you want to talk about frightening, open your medicine cabinet, still in a sleepy stupor, and see hundreds of ants swarming your top shelf.  Yes, I say hundreds.  I am floored.  I have no idea what to do.  I start freaking out and trying to crush them all.  I come to the realization that this is impossible and I have to do something.  I am going to have to go in to town and get this taken care of.

I get on Facebook to consult with some of the Facebook groups I am part and ask people who have been through this what to do and what to get.  These people are beyond helpful and give me all sorts of ideas.  A lot of which I had already tried but there was one that I was willing to try.  I even went online to see what others had said and it seemed pretty solid.  So, off to town I would go.  These ants were NOT going to have my home.

I go in to Wal-Mart and start looking for these miraculous ant killers.  I pretty much find all sorts of products but everything except what I came in for.  I get brave enough to ask someone for help.  Hey, don’t judge me.  I felt like I was going to get looked at funny for having an ant problem.  Mind you, I had never had a bug problem in all of my years on my own.  I don’t even remember there being a bug problem when I was a kid.  This nice associate led me right to them.  Terro Ant Traps!  Yes, these are the miracle workers.

I’m so anxious to get back and take my rig back from these ants that I don’t even get anything else I need while I’m in town.  I grab the traps and head home.  Now, when you are setting these up, you will have to cut a little slit in it for the ants to get in to, grab some of the magic and take it back to his tribe.  This stuff is sticky and messy so be very careful.  Also, be careful when you set them down because if it spills in your cabinets it is a pain to clean up after the infestation is resolved.

terro ant baits

I’ve got all the traps set up and I wait.  Nothing seems to be happening.  It’s almost as though they know what it is and they are avoiding it.  So, another night of nightmares and barely any sleep awaits me.  This night was even worse than the last one.  I couldn’t get that medicine cabinet image out of my head and my dreams took full advantage of that.

Anyways, next morning was even worse.  It seemed like there were thousands of ants now.  Granted, they were all around the traps instead of randomly throughout the rig but it seemed almost as if it had drawn all the ants that live in the RV Resort out to Wanda for a sugar party.  I really start to freak out at this point and go online to see what the heck I need to do now.  Well, don’t fret.  This is actually what it is supposed to do.  Now all of these thousands of ants taking over my cupboards will take this wonderful sugar party juice back to their fellow ants and this will keep happening until they all die and the queen ant gets some and stops creating these monsters in my rig.

I would like to tell you that it stopped there but it didn’t.  The same dreams that night but a little less intense as by the time the sun set that day there seemed to be very few ants around the traps.  I convinced myself that they were all dying, not that they were full of sugar magic.  The next morning there were fewer ants and this continued the next 2 days until it was time for me to go 1.5 hours north to my next destination.

The moving, shaking of the rig and these traps will certainly do the trick.  No more ants for me.  Well, that wasn’t the case either.  I spent the first few days in my new spot with an ant here or there.  Still same thing, nothing coming up the tires, the levelers or above.  Lucky me I had purchased 2 packs of Terro Ant Traps.  So, I took out the old traps.  What a mess.  There is literally this sugary, gooey substance all around the spot of the traps that seems near impossible to clean.  It probably took me an hour to get those 5 traps cleaned up and new ones down.  Two days later and to this day I have not seen an ant in my rig.

ant invasion

The moral of this story is that ants are gross and scary.  OK, that might not be the real moral of this story but it doesn’t change the fact that they are.  They are also relentless and have way more friends than you will ever have.  The real moral of this story is to be ready for everything.  When you see or hear people talking about something that has happened to them while full timing, whether it be ants, mice, water, etc, take note.  You may be lucky enough that it won’t happen to you but the odds are, something is going to happen.  Buy these Terro traps just in case.  I know I wish I would have had them before all the sleepless nights and nightmares.  Shoot, now I feel like I need to search my rig for ants and mice.  Look what you have done and you are welcome!