So this is the kind of story you have all been waiting for and can’t wait to read.  Enjoy our misery and disgust.

So while camped in Phoenix the toilet was only used a few times and it was just number 1.  I went to empty the tank and it seemed kind of light.  This is my first time RV’n so I didn’t think too far in to it.  Then I noticed that the lever that you pull out to release the poop pulled completely out.  HMMMM…..this doesn’t seem right.  So, I did what anyone would do, I crawled under the RV.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I could get covered in urine I suppose, LOL.  Well, not to disappoint you all, but that is not what happened.  I found that the lever indeed did pull completely out and didn’t seem to want to really latch on to anything.  So, our levels say that the black tank is empty, so I take its word for it and assume that it’s still working properly.

WRONG!  Well, the next day we are in Kanab, UT sitting at the Kanab RV Corral RV park waiting for help.  Yes, I said help.  We had a full black tank and the rod that releases the black tank would not release anything.  All morning we spent on the phone trying to find a place that can fix this issue.  Finally about an hour later we find a place that is 2.5 hours north of Kanab that will do it.  However, there is a catch.  Of course there is, there always is.  They will not fix it until it is emptied.  HELLO!!!!!!  That’s our problem, we can’t empty it.  So, about 20 minutes later we found someone who will come out and empty our waste for us.  How embarrassing.  “Hello, can you please get my poop out of my toilet so I can go explore the world more?”  Believe it or not, this is actually someone’s job.  I felt very bad for him.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Kanab and this guy had to take our shit, literally.

rv life

So, I sit waiting for the gentleman to show up to clear us out so we can take off on the road and get the valve fixed.  I guess you could say we decided to say goodbye to seeing The Wave:(

Unfortunately this is not where it ends.  Not even close.  The guy arrives to unload our poop and booooooy does it smell.  His truck, not Wanda (the name of the RV).  This guy, bless his heart, tries everything he can possibly think of to relieve us of our crap and doesn’t succeed.  His hose is too big.  He got on the phone and made calls to everyone he could think of and no one could do it. To top that off he didn’t even charge us for his time.  Naturally we paid him regardless.  Please people, take care of the people who take care of you.

At this defeated point we decided to get back on the road and just drive Wanda to the next destination and hope that we could find someone there.  Amazingly enough you can find unlimited places who will replace the valve.  All with “The Catch”.

Now we are going on YouTube and trying to figure out how to do it ourselves.  I mean, we can’t be the only people out there that have experienced this “Crappy” situation.  I will tell you, don’t ever YouTube that if you want to keep your breakfast down.  Literally, the only way we could find was to full on get shitty.  No one had devised a plan to take care of this situation other than getting under the RV, sawing off the pipe and letting the poop drain.  GROSS!

We decide that we are going to continue to try to find someone who can do it for us.  Well, we make it to our final destination of Dassel, Minnesota where my Uncle and Grampa live and we still have a Wanda full of poop.  I’m getting super irritated and thinking there has to be another way to make this happen.  There has to be an easier way.  So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with an idea.  No, I’m not going to give it away in this post.  You will have to stay tuned for my “Not So Crappy” scheme.

rv black tank
black tank fixes

I will let you know that Wanda no longer has a poop problem.  She no longer smells and you can use her.  So, with all the “crap” we dealt with pertaining to this situation I will let you know my idea was brilliant and I’m so happy to be able to help others out there reduce the strain of the crappy situation 🙂