Who needs money to travel?  Well, the answer is most of us.

Whether you have a nest egg, a retirement fund, savings, working or being frugal at some point you will need money to travel.  Let’s face it, at some point you are going to NEED that snapple. (Sheryl Strayed-if you haven’t read Wild, DO IT!)

In my short time being a full time traveler I have gotten several “looks” when I pull in to an RV park, I’m walking around or telling people I travel full time.  What I found out recently is this: People are automatically assuming I am a trust fund baby, mommy and daddy are paying for me to travel and have fun until my money runs out, or that I have a sugar daddy.  Wow! That was a major slap in my face.

What people don’t realize is I grew up with very little.  My first pair of Nike shoes, I cried.  Literally cried, and so did my grandparents. Nike’s were not something that we could really afford, but they figured out a way to make it happen for me for Christmas.  What we didn’t have in money, we made up for in Love and experiences.

I have worked hard my entire life and I know what struggle is.  Now, I won’t bore you with the details of the tedious jobs I did at 10 to make fifty cents but you get the point.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Keep an open mind about people and don’t assume.  You know what they say about assuming…….. 🙂

Ok, rant over (still a little amazed but moving on).  Here are the facts:

  • I work now
  • I worked hard and had some savings
  • I made a great investment 3 years ago when I bought my home and sold it
  • I studied a lot about how to make money on the road and started my own business
  • I am frugal and always thinking about where my next dollar will come from, even though I do not have to
  • I test websites for money and so can you

And this is where this post is going to take you.  Website, game and app testing is super easy and a quick $10 or more dollars.  There are many sites out there that you can sign up for to make money taking quizzes, reading emails, signing up for offers, etc but this I found to be the best.  Most of the sites I have tried were tedious, took up waaaay too much of my time and only paid pennies.  I don’t know about you but my time is worth more than that.

Upon signing up for countless accounts to make money I came across usertesting.com.  It’s simple to sign up and it doesn’t make you go through a million hoops to make 10 cents.  Simply sign up, put your information in, all the devices you have and you are set.  You will find that you will go through several opportunities that you don’t qualify for but that’s the name of the game.  They are looking for a certain demographic to test their site, games or app.

What you will find when you qualify for one is that it is simple.  It will take you 10-15 minutes top, unless you sign up for a longer study, and you will make $10, sometimes more.  That could be $60/hour if you have several devices and qualify for multiple testings.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a good source of income but it is not a get rich scheme.  I use this site when I have good internet connection and some extra time.  This site pays my phone bill every month.  To give you an idea how much my phone bill is, imagine this……I have unlimited everything and I cover my grandpa’s phone too.  That’s more than a full tank of gas for a Class A motorhome in California. (Hahaha, those of you who have filled up a large motorhome in California will get this.  It’s not cheap.)

So, a long story short, if you are needing to make some extra money or thinking about traveling full time and wondering where to get started on making money on the road, this is a good start.  It’s not going to pay for everything, but something is better than nothing.

Stay tuned for my other money making ideas, plans, teachings and opportunities.