Nothing short of amazing sprinkled with annoying, confusing and somehow ending with pure joy.

zion park

We wake up late, but hey, we are on our own schedule.  Getting ready, packing, charging everything while the generator is running and of course breakfast.

Once these life necessities have unraveled we are ready to hit the road, yes, 2 hours later, but hey, we are marching to the beat of our own drum.

We get to Zion and we are beyond amazed.  Coming in on the highway 9 is breathtaking. Little did we know we were in for frustration and defeat….that is until we decided to ask someone at the “visitor center” (which was near impossible to find but that’s another story for another time) what we needed to do and where the hell we were.  Wow, incredibly helpful.  Our faith in Zion is near restored…..only there’s nowhere to park so not really. We did find a spot to dump our garbage though so that luxury did help a little.

zion park selfie

Off the beaten path we found a spot in overflow parking to park and start our adventure. We started with “Par”ius trail. Seemed like a no brainer.  Not only did it have “Parr”-ish….it was an easy hike which was needed for the old man’s aching body.  (I will whip him in to shape yet).  So we take said trail to the shuttle to make our way up to the next adventure.

zion national park river walk

Upon much consideration we decided we were going to start at the end and work our way back.  The end happened to be the river walk followed by “The Narrows”.  The river walk was amazing….probably because this crazy adventure woman thought it would be better to go off the beaten path and climb rocks and off road it along the water.  All to come to the end to find out we were done because we did not have water shoes to continue on to the Narrows.  So, take water shoes and don’t miss out like these novice tourists.

Next we got back on to the shuttle to head to weeping Rock.   Short little burst of uphill to see a mountain that appeared to be weeping for decades.  Poor guy just needed a friend, not someone to watch, but watch is what we did. Also touristy stuff like take selfies and bask in its humiliation.

zion weeping rock
zion national park

Back to the shuttle to hit the hike I really wanted to do. The Emerald Pools.  Little did the old man with brittle muscles know, I knew as soon as we started the ascend he wouldn’t accept defeat with stopping at the lower emerald Pools and would want to scale the mountains to hit the upper pools.  So, as I suspected….up we go.  Not only was this a beautiful hike but the views were spectacular and the people watching proved to be pretty entertaining as well.

At the upper pools Jason of course decided not only did he need to scale the mountain’s ruins on the ground but he needed to egg on the poor and innocent people of the pools as well. Much to his badgering he did find a poor sucker to take his peer pressure to extremes and succeeded at scaling a rock and getting on top.

Well, now it’s time to hit the descend and we are beat and ready to get back to the car.  On top of that I am slowly becoming hangry. Pretty typical for me.  On the descent I am able to finally see this Mormonism that Jason has been describing to me….. seriously?!?  Five young girls in full on ankle length dresses scaling the mountain we just hiked, sweating our asses off in shorts and t-shirts.  Like I said… seriously?!?!


We get back down to the lodge and I lounge on the beautiful lawn with probably fifty other strangers from all different parts of the world while Jason lets his butt explode.  Once the lounge is over it’s time to head back to the car. On the way back to Wanda there was what seemed to be a really cool museum along the way that we really wanted to check out so we decided to stop there, but only to be disappointed again by missing the closing by 1 hour and 4 minutes.

We get to the car and the sandwich I had been dying for (egg salad) is runny and that’s the end of that.  Hangry Liana emerges and it’s not pretty.

river walk
zion national park

We quickly pack up and take off to get the demon food or suffer the consequences.  Along the way we came up with maybe a million different things we were in the mood for but one thing really stuck out in our minds…..ribeyes.  So, we decide, it doesn’t matter how tired we are, ribeyes it is.  The next step was to get to the grocery store before they closed and hope that they had some good ones.

After putting the petal to the metal we get to the grocery store with 10 minutes to spare.  We are in luck, they have some decent looking ribeyes and we broke rule number 10 (or whatever number it is, point is we broke it) of the hungry code.  10-Don’t go to the store starving.  We ended up walking out with 5 bags of groceries when all we really needed was ribeyes and a side.

Long story short, ribeyes were great and hit the spot.  The sunset in the front of Wanda was indescribable and sleep came easily…..very easily.